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Issue #10 - oddysey

So, Stationaery is done. Fin. That's it. Stationaery is dead; long live Stationaery.

The last launch was held at Club Lambi, featuring KABOOM and, happily, The SunSpot Orchestra, a 6-person Klezmer ensemble that brought everyone to their feet. Readers to thank: Vince Tinguely, Jordan NA Fouts, Sherwin Tjia and Patricia S, Jen Goldman, Melissa Reiter, Samantha Mirlesse (in a yellow tafetta), Ilya Zaychik and me again, Danny Spitzberg. Special thanks for special folks.

issue no. 10 (April 7, 2006)  

Make friends with Ox Family, the new brand from Stationaery Press.
Next issue out due in 2009.

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